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Vintage DIY Lighting Ideas- It’s All About Your Junkin Skills

April 20, 2017 0 Comments

I am constantly looking for vintage DIY lighting hacks.  Farmhouse lighting is gorgeous, but I’m not paying more for a light fixture than I spend on groceries for a month, or three.  And new chandeliers….forget it! So, I turn to my junkin skills and my creativity to give me the vintage lighting look that I yearn to own.  But that doesn’t stop me from drooling over some uber creative vintage DIY lighting hacks that I’ve seen on Pinterest!

A couple of years ago I watched a 5 minute YouTube video on how to rewire a lamp, and I was off and running. It is very easy, and I would encourage you to watch a video yourself.  Most of the gorgeous examples I’m sharing with you are created using light kits you can find at a local hardware store or through Amazon (affiliate thing).

Vintage DIY Lighting Ideas

vintage lighting hacks

There are so many great ideas I had to narrow it down to a reasonable number.  You can find the first three vintage DIY lighting hacks on my Projects page, but here’s a sample.

vintage lighting hacks

So honestly the first three are mine and can be found on my project page, but wait til you see what else I have for you. Totally Junkalicious!

Swoon Worthy Vintage DIY Lighting Ideas

vintage lighting hacks

Honestly with a pendant lighting kit and some inspiration and junkin skills and you’ve got this! How is this for inspiration??!!?

  1.  Vintage cake tins from Adventures of Me.  I seriously LOVE these lights!  So adorable and perfect if you’re into pastel, Shabby Chic or the 50’s!
  2. If your thing is Farmhouse or Industrial, how about finding some galvanized buckets, cans, funnels…. Use a piece of reclaimed wood a medallion as inspired by Better Homes & Gardens and you’ve nailed it.
  3. This one makes me drool.  Chicken coop warming lights rewired for indoor use.  Don’t they just drip Farmhouse Vintage!  Source: The Vintage Roundtop
  4. Replace those out of date globes with a cage.  Michelle at The Painted Hinge bought her cages, but you can junk for these.  Find some mini lampshades and remove the material, spray paint them to match your fixture.
  5. That’s a vintage fan guard!  I just love the creativity.  For more ideas, visit Just Imagine.
  6.  These hanging lanterns are used to make a unique chandelier over the dining table.  This idea from El Taller de lo Antiquo is just beautiful. And hanging them from a ladder…..brilliant!
  7. Leave it to the French to come up with a totally fresh design idea using vintage pendants.  I’m simply jealous of Frenchy Fancy‘s lighting.

Final Thoughts

Having fabulous vintage lighting is just a matter of junkin and keeping your creative mind open.  Learn how to install a light kit and you can turn practically anything into a lamp or a pendant light.

vintage lighting hacks

I try not to, but I usually end up with those globe lights when I find them, you never know when inspiration will hit me.  And until then, they look good in the garden! For more great ideas, visit my Chic Junkin Board on Pinterest.

Happy Bright New World!


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