Faded Bluebird

I belong to a Facebook Group for Junkers, and just the other day someone shared this picture from Toadstool Pond that asked this question, “too rustic or just right?”

Picture from Toadstool Pond

Now whether you enjoy the rustic style or not, this is a beautiful room.  I think she achieved Rustic Elegance. 

Elegance can be found and produced in any style even Industrial.  It’s about beauty, simplicity, form and function. 
Clean lines, calm background colors, clutter free. Elegance is the difference between a tap on the check and a right cross sucker punch you didn’t see coming. An elegant room doesn’t shock or energize, it peacefully sweeps in like a gentle breeze.  One of the things that I love about elegance is……. it is both the easiest and hardest look to achieve.  It asks you for simple quality bones, and very little else. It’s the very little else that can be the hardest……. knowing when to stop adding more and more.  Knowing when to just let it be.
Happy Decorating!

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