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Wingback Chairs Should Stop Waiting In The Wings

October 13, 2014 0 Comments

Junkin Divas travel in packs…… well unless there is an awesome Estate Sale. Then we’d sell our Mamas into slavery to dump the competition and get there first. But when we are together we inevitably solve the world’s decor problems.  One of my favorite Divas asked me just last week, “Why doesn’t anybody want Wingback Chairs anymore?”. I don’t know the answer to that question. Although styles do come and go, some things are timeless, but you just have to look at them with fresh eyes.

wingback chairs

Wingback Chair by LK Rustic Market

 Wingback Chairs Reign Supreme

She did have a point, I sell a ton of chairs, but the Wingbacks can be a harder sell.  And I don’t get it, just look at those bones!  Where else but on a Wingback chair will you see such curves and legs!!!  These chairs are nothing but sheer porno for designers.  It’s a blank canvas already wrapped in a gorgeous frame just waiting for your inspiration.

wingback chairs


Just Wingback It

The next time you go into a thrift store or a garage sale, take a good hard look at these chairs.   Ignore the fabric, drool over it’s bones.  Image yourself comfortably slouched with your legs thrown over the arms.  Add a soft blanket, an overstuffed cushion, Bon Bons a good book, and you have a blissful retreat.  A Wingback can do it, PLUS give you unbeatable style.

wingbacks chairs to choose

The Anatomy of Design

No matter what your style is, there’s a Wingback out there for you somewhere. You just have to find it.

And remember to assess it as you would a potential mate: although the bones are desirable, you can’t base your decision on the first flush of lust.  You have to live with it for years after all.  So, be prepared to tweak here and there to bring it up to your expectations.  And realize that sometimes a complete overhaul is needed to make it a suitable spouse for your other furniture.  But once you get it up to par, it’s a match made in heaven.

angel wings for xmas

Country Living

I will leave you with this final image of what just might be the perfect Wingback Chair.  Now that I have convinced you, what are you waiting for, go scour the countryside! Even Cinderella had to crash a ball to save her Prince Charming from his fate.

-Happy Junkin

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