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March 6, 2016 0 Comments

As you were growing up, I bet you didn't think that you would EVER repeat your Mama's words of wisdom to your own kids. But as it turned out, my Mama didn't have a screw loose, nor was she looking for ways to ruin my day, she was trying to turn me into a responsible adult.....I owe that woman some flowers.

Young Lady……

Organizational Tip #2 – Give Your Stuff Some Personal Space

My Mama was constantly calling me Young Lady.  I think she was hoping that by doing so I might magically turn into one, didn’t work, but I think it made her feel better about my chances.  The one that stuck with me the most was, “Young Lady…is that where you found it?”.  That was her gentle, classy way of telling me to put back whatever I had just finished messing with.  Southern Mama’s rule with passive/aggressive remarks and drama.  I haven’t seen a Mama yet that couldn’t out act Meryl Streep, it’s how I ended up having a Baby Shower I was determined to avoid.

My Inner Voice Is A Nag Hag

I hear that voice in my head every time I get stuff out.  She is a bit of a nag when I’m tired after working overtime and I just made dinner, but that voice drives me to clean up and put my stuff away.  It’s what makes me put my keys in the same place every time I come home, replace the remote, put back the nail file and sort my mail. Everything in my house has personal space, a place to call home where it sits around and waits for me to visit.

I Hate It When She’s Right

When I went to college I lived on the wild side.  I didn’t make my bed, I left my clothes wherever I discarded them, I built my class schedule around All My Children and keys were just something that I threw into the general mess to be searched for later. I was free!!  I also went through 2 roommates my first year. Roommate #1 had some kind of weird problem, it turned her coon crazy watching me endlessly search for stuff, Roommate #2 got tired of tripping over stuff and looking for a clean surface to….wait for it….study.  Having college and later sorority roommates prepared me for my future living with crazy people. They taught me another lesson too, keeping my stuff in it’s personal space was faster than decluttering, it prevents a lot of roommate swapping too!

In Search Of…..

When your stuff has it’s own personal space, your home looks more organized and you aren’t constantly yelling at someone if they have it or have seen it.  I like to think that I am preparing my kids to live with crazy people too, as they now know the total melt downs that occur when they’ve borrowed my stuff and don’t put it back.  Yes, I favor the drama queen style of parenting because I appreciate the immediate results. Besides, I’ve learned that if I put it up in the first place, that 2 minutes of my time is much better spent than an entire weekend spent on Mess Duty. Honestly, I don’t have time for that!

So my Mama will be proud when she reads this post and learns that I did listen and take in what she was trying to teach me.  I put things back where I found them, I wasn’t born in a barn and I will never participate in a wreck with dirty underwear.   I am well prepared for what life hands me.

Happy Organizing!


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