Faded Bluebird

Happy New Year!!!  It’s the first day of what will be an awesome year!  It’s an opportunity to have a fresh clean start…… speaking of fresh and clean, this is my opportunity to talk about soap. Wait!  You need to give me a minute, I want to bask in that lead in!

Okay….I’m good. I need to tell you that I am a bit of a soap snob. If I don’t have time to make my own, I buy my soaps from my friends Karren at Okie Goat Custom Soaps or Jen at JS Farms. And if for some reason they both have decided to go on a goat buying trip to the Himalayas the same day I realize I’m out of soap, I’ll either buy Kirk’s Castile or not shower until they return, whichever will keep me out of divorce court.


I’m not going to bore you with my extensive opinion concerning most commercial soaps, you can find reams of information on the internet or even Pinterest…..but I can make my 533 page dissertation on the subject available upon request for the low price of $1,999.99!!!

But I do have some tips I want to share with you.  When you buy a brand new bar of soap and you’ve finished smelling it and offering it up to all your family members to smell, unwrap it and set it out.  Soap is gorgeous decor, but there’s an even better reason.  It needs to breath!  Even bars of Dial should be unwrapped and allowed to harden for an additional month if possible.  Believe it or not, this will extend the life of your bar,  IT WILL LAST LONGER! And, if you buy lavender soap by the semi load, unwrap those babies and tuck them into your linen closet!  Just try it and after a couple of weeks I’ll send you my address for the Thank You card I’m positive you will feel compelled to send me.

But wait………………………There’s more!


Another way to extend the life of your bar is to keep it dry between uses, plus there is that whole mushy, squishy messy yuck factor you can avoid. Those little bumps in your built in soap dishes just aren’t deep enough. You need to use something else, I place either marbles or pebbles in my soap dishes.  By the kitchen sink I simply rest it on a sponge.  You can use the round plastic core from a tape dispenser, a bed spring, a floral frog…..whatever, just put something under there to raise the bar! As for soap dishes?  Get creative!  Most of mine are candlestick bases with small bowls or plates glued on with E-6000.

There’s even more!


Here are a couple more of my favorite tips!  Don’t throw out those slivers!!!  Buy a new sponge, cut a slit on one side and insert the bar….VOILA you are the proud new owner of a……uh, soapy sponge thingy.  But it’s still cool! And remember my friend Jen at JS Farms?  She makes this awesome Laundry bar soap.  I wrapped one of her bars into the mesh bag that my onions came in and I made an instant stain fighting scrubby!  Oh, Oh, Oh…..I just saw on Pinterest the other day where some genius took the sleeve from an old knitted sweater and made soap sleeves.  I seriously want to try these!  But I have to talk one of my knitting friends into helping me to close the ends.
That’s it, I’m done! Well other than to tell you that you can also make a liquid hand soap by saving up your slivers in a quart size jar of distilled water, but other than that……

I hope that 2016 is a tremendously sassy new year for your and your family!  I hope I helped you to keep your new year cleaner!

Happy New Year!

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