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Bee Decor – Don’t Worry Bee Happy!

November 12, 2015 2 Comments

I’m going to allow you entry into a creative mind if you’ll allow me to say that I have one.  Let me set up the scenario, I try to make it a point of giving homemade gifts if possible, or at least unique ones. I have a wonderful friend who has this weird attraction to tea, to be honest, she’s a bit of a fru fru snob about it. So I was thinking about her Christmas gift and settled on….you guessed it, tea. But I can’t just give her a box of her specially blend at our holiday luncheon. So I went searching for inspiration and this is where it ran off the rails.  I went from searching for tea ideas to bee decor in 1.3 seconds.

Just Bee Decor Happy

Bee decor

Source: Tias.com

I decided that since she puts honey in her tea, I would get her some local honey.  Ohhhh, but wouldn’t it be cool if I could find a vintage honey pot???  Then I could put the honey in a beautiful vintage honey pot!

Bee decor

Source: R – henhursblog.com & potterybarn.com

So, I went looking on Pinterest for examples of vintage honeypots, and this is where my mind took a 2-hour detour. It started off just fine. I saw several examples of different pots and choose a style I believe she will love. And then it happened, I saw an ADORABLE bee pillow and then another.

bee decor makes me happy

Bee Decor Took Over

So I started hunting for bee material or bee iron-on designs. And for some reason, these gorgeous bee glasses popped up in my search. OMG!  Bee themed serving pieces and flatware. Would it be possible to etch bees onto a plain set of silverware, wait…..doesn’t my friend XXX have an etching side business? I need to call her………is that a Bee Doorknocker?????

Bee decor

Source: neimanmarcus.com & Macys.com

Following The Bumbling Bee Decor

Then I was off. There was no turning back.  I love Bee decor and I’m frantically searching for ways to add a little Bee lovin to my decor at home.  I really want a bee pillow, or maybe some dishes.

bee decor

Source: Doorknocker – homedeopot.com, Drawer pull – ebay.com, Jar – diyandmag.com, Chalkboard – diydreamer.com

I’m not one to purchase things new, I really prefer to buy from thrift stores, antique & junk stores, garage sales, etc, or make my own knockoffs such as the chalkboard I am confident I can reasonably copy…… the rest of it????
Now I have a new obsession, which is all I need.  Right now I’m not in any frame of mind to give her a Christmas gift at all……because I blame her for this.

Bee decor

Source: Martha Stewart

Final Thoughts

I’m thinking that starting my own Bee Skep collection is going to be hard going in the state of Oklahoma, what do you think?  Yeah, it’s looking more and more like she’s getting Lipton’s topped with one of last year’s smashed red bows dropped off in an anonymous Ring and Run incident.  Oh well, it’s the thought that counts….right?

Happy Junkin!


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    Chris Ward

    November 13, 2015

    It happens every time. Pinterest is dangerous! Thank you for your comment!

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    November 13, 2015

    I love the detours your thoughts & Pinterest searches) take!

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