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Cabinet Top Decor – Are You Top Heavy?

January 28, 2018 2 Comments

When it comes to cabinet top decor, I’ve heard that being flat on top isn’t desirable.  To each their own, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I don’t think that came out right.  And in my opinion, that shouldn’t apply to china hutches and kitchen cabinets.  But have you looked at your decor up there lately?  Or have you wondered if maybe you aren’t a little top heavy?

I’ve never felt the need that some people do to decorate above my cabinets or china hutches.  But then again mine is within inches of my standard ceiling height,  But if you do, how do you know if it’s time for a decor reduction?

Decorating up top

Cabinet Top Decor – Are You Top Heavy?

Overcrowding your decor made my list of the 10 Common Decorating Mistakes that are easy to fix.  Just recently I posted my thoughts on Facebook concerning decor staging.  I said, “The best advice I can give anyone about staging a vignette is knowing when to stop. To me, simple is usually the most elegant. Every piece is noticed but doesn’t overwhelm. While others might look at this and think, “it needs something.” I just sigh and bask in its perfection.

cabinet top decor

“Think of it as a first date. You never give your date the full explosive blast of your personality. You ease him in with small touches of your better side. It’s not lying; it’s setting up a creative reflection of reality. It’s still who you are, just in a smaller manageable dose. Get it?”.

Room To Breath

I have to admit that in a perfect world, my version at least, decorating the top of tall china hutches and kitchen cabinets wouldn’t be a thing.  I’m a dustophile; I can’t stand the thought of all the grease and dust collecting on my stuff up there. Makes me want to put my head between my knees and breath deep into a paper bag.  But, I do sometimes stick my head out into the real world, so I realize I’m in the minority.  And I have been asked this question a lot, “how much is too much?”.  So I’m here to help!  But, please dear Lord, remove the fake greenery!!  For me….please?

decorating above a cabinet

If you are considering decorating the top of a large cabinet, think about this.  Don’t.  Unless it falls below the top of a doorway or you have high ceilings.  Otherwise, you’re trying to cram stuff into what amounts to a few inches of height space.  Just let your cabinetry or furniture piece shine on its own!

If you have the room, let her rip.  WAIT!  Consider this too.  Think in odd numbers, large pieces and repetition.  You can see examples of each in the pictures above.  If you have high ceilings, decorating above your big pieces can add much need height to the room. Just look at how your eye goes to the two gold vases on top of that gorgeous China Hutch (pic by Dimples and Tangles!)  She still has lots of headroom, so nothing looks crowded, the added gold pieces breaks up the collection and adds some glamour.

If you still need some inspirational help, and all else fails, go to Pinterest, find a picture that you like and emulate the look and scale using the stuff you have.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to decorating above cabinets and furniture, remember less is more, and give each piece a little room to breathe.  And think about correlation.  It’s not necessary and doesn’t make sense to shove all 200 pieces of your porcelain clown collection on top of your kitchen cabinets.   You want the decor you put up there to match the room’s function and purpose.  The clowns might have to do.  Seriously!  Those things freak me out.

Happy Decorating!



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    Michelle Nettles

    January 30, 2018

    I have lots of stuff on top of anything I can find to put stuff on top of!! I just am guilty of having toooo much stuff so I run out of room and resort to the cabinet tops. We live in a mobile home so I have LOTS of room above cabinets in some areas and not so much room in others. But I do change that stuff up on occasion AND I do have fake greenery up there too… Guess I need to try and take that down and see you I like it without it after reading this post!! 😉

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      January 30, 2018

      I’m glad if you found some inspiration in the post! Thank you for the comment, I love them!

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