Faded Bluebird

I was reading a blog post this morning about How to Achieve High Style Design on a Dime. Her list was great; Flowers, Curtains, Area Rugs, Lamp Shades, Hardware and using your Vertical Spaces.  But we parted ways when it came to where to shop and what I considered a Dime. 

 The Faded Bluebird style isn’t for everyone, but if $150 for an area rug is Designing on a Dime, I’m able to achieve my style with pennies! With the exception of large white pot for my ficus ($35), and the area rug ($40 at Lowes on sale ) everything in the picture was found junkin or built using recycled materials. The Sofa was a $70 purchase at a Flea Market, the bench, $10.  Pillows, throws, columns, books, shutters,……all junkin or given to me by friends. I built the Trumeau mirror using things I found Junkin or materials gained at my local Habitat For Humanities Restore. 

The Loveseat was $35 at a garage sale, the bird cage and plant stand it sits on…..Junkin.  The desk, bench, bowl, even the chandelier….Junkin.  The sign board above the desk, I made from a mirror frame and reclaimed wood pickets. 

The grandfather clock was bought at an on-line auction site, the chair was obtain at a Junk Swap and reupholstered, even the China Cabinet cost me less than $50 at Salvation Army. 

My point is this…..you can achieve the style that you want to achieve on any budget you have.  You can find things free if you’re willing to be patient and add some elbow grease.  Curbside finds, Junk Swaps, Freecycle sites, friends, ALL FREE.  Check out; thrift stores, garage sales, Craigslist, Habitat For Humanity ReStores for building materials, Clearance bins at Hancocks Fabrics and Flea Markets. Set a price goal and stick to it.  Designing on Pennies could take a long time, but in the end, you’ll still have what you want and the satisfaction of doing it within your budget.  Plus, the next time you read a blog about Designing On A Dime and they mention their $150 area rug, you too will go………BRAWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 

Happy Junkin! 

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