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Lifestyle Change – Cause I Don’t Diet

June 1, 2017 0 Comments

Being a Home Diva isn’t all about decorating.  Some weeks I seem to focus more on cleaning or food.  This past week I was obsessed with food.  For no earthly good reason, I decided we were going to challenge ourselves into 14 days of eating healthier.  What was I thinking??!! Have you ever noticed that when you decide to make a lifestyle change your whole world becomes about that single thing?  It’s worse than a New Year’s Resolution. And certain members of my family are tempted to file a missing mom report.  But I say, good luck to them, I could use the breather.

lifestyle change

Lifestyle Change – Same Monkeys, New Circus?

This could have started better if I had just started small, but I’m no sissy.  Southern women have grit, at least I keep telling myself it’s true.  I wanted to know if we’d experience changes in our health, attitude, energy and ok, maybe lose a few pounds. So, we’re cutting back on our meat intake, eating smaller portions and adding lots more fresh vegetables and fruits. We’re eating raw produce as often as I can take the looks of disgust, and cutting out…..white bread, oh the humanity!

The bread is what’s getting to me the most.  I was raised surrounded by bread.  Biscuits for breakfast, sandwiches, cornbread, French bread, Italian bread, croissants.  I’m just torturing myself now. I’m having a small problem adjusting to whole wheat, whole grains.  I miss my white fluffy sweet bread.  SOOOO MUCH!

I had hoped that by refusing to call it a diet, it would be simpler. But I forgot to add my obsessive nature into that equation.  Lifestyle change or diet, it’s actually the same circus with better-trained monkeys.

Lifestyle change

Is Food Evil?

So I have to ask myself, is food evil?  No.  A minor lifestyle change sounds simple, doesn’t it? Making some small changes to the way that we eat. So why did I spend half my day, thinking about it, looking at recipes, preparing it or shopping for it? Because I was OCDing the subject and treating it like I have every diet I’ve ever tried.  While diets come with expectations, frustration, impatience and crushed hopes, a lifestyle change is just a small tweaked adjustment to our eating habits.

We’re now on Day 6 and it’s funny, but we do feel better.  I have noticed that I have more energy.  And once I decided to stop focusing on food so much, it became easier to continue.

Final Thoughts

I’ve always enjoyed cooking, and I have 5 Reasons You Should Cook Every day you should read if you have a few spare minutes. And I truly love it when we cook together as a family.  So far, this has been a lot of fun once I got over stressing about it. Besides, it’s farmers market and grilling season! Has this adjustment been easy?  I’d have to say yes and no.  It was around Day 4, that I decided to just go with the flow and stop over-thinking it. If I want a freakin sandwich with white fluffy bread, I’m going to eat one.  It’s just not the norm anymore.  It was also the day I finally yelled, ‘if you don’t like it, you go to the store, buy all the ingredients and cook something else”.  That shut my husband up.  It’s been smooth sailing since.

Happy Eating!




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