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Floors, Walls & Molding – Magazine Worthiness 101

January 18, 2018 1 Comments

I don’t know about you, but I’m becoming impatient.  So I added #4, #3 & #2 on my list of 10 Ways To Make Your Home Magazine Worthy together into one post.  Floors, walls and molding.  Why?  Well, I think they go together, and I’m excited to get to #1 faster.  Are you ready to get down and dirty?

Floors, Walls & Molding…Oh MY!

The point of my list is to help get you to the understanding that your home can be at it’s best without spending a fortune.  You can have a look you covet; you can have the dream home of your Pinterest Boards, you just need to see things differently.  But when it comes to floors….hmmm.  How can you update without selling your left kidney?  Well, you can wait for a mega-sale, take out a new 15 month, no interest credit card, OR (and I recommend this one) you can try one of these ideas.

Primp The Floor Fantastic



Oh yes.  Your floors might stretch your creative thinking to the wall, but hey you’ve got this!  Wall to wall happiness could be one concrete stain bucket away.  But, don’t overlook the mix-match option!  And the ReStore idea, and…. yeah, just keep the picture!

Wall To Wall Awesomeness

magazine worthy walls

Walls are sneaky.  You set out thinking, yeah….this is an easy project.  A couple of gallons of paint, some good friends, what could go wrong? Oh, Sister.  What you do with your walls can make or break a room, but one the other hand it’s just paint! Right?  Well… you might want to start with just paint, but there’s so much more you can do! You can paint an accent wall a different color, or shiplap it, or add something fresh like the medallion collection above.  Try out some wallpaper by hanging it in a frame.  You could add a new texture to the walls, or stripe them with paint, or…….

The walls are the perfect place to get creative!  And again, go to a builder’s thrift store like Habitat’s ReStores, check at Lowes for Mismatched paints, you could get a gallon for $5!  Cut shiplap out of plywood boards; the look doesn’t have to come at a high price.

Molding Your Magazine Worthiness

magazine worthy molding

One of the best and cheapest methods to up your game into magazine worthiness is molding!  Whether you call it molding, trim or detail….just do it!  Crown molding, baseboards, doorways, and windows.  I don’t care, just pick a target and go for it!  Molding takes your home from blah to fabulous in very little time! Look for step-by-step directions for your project on YouTube and Pinterest You can find more ideas for trim on Cabinets – Making Your Home Magazine Worthy.

Final Thoughts

I really can’t say enough about floors, walls, and molding.  But I’ll have to if this post is ever going to end. I do want to share one last tip.  Consider building a half wall.  I picked up several pieces of trim at my local ReStore for pennies a foot but didn’t have enough to complete the wall, so I did this instead.

wall molding idea

It’s true love!  I can move it at my fancy; I can change the color at will and hang whatever thrills me at the moment.  I’m not married to the look!   Life is good with a board & batten half wall!

Happy Decorating!


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