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How To Be A Trendsetter

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November 5, 2015 1 Comments

I was curious what the trend and fad predictions for 2016 were going to be, so I went on an internet safari. What I found out is that I am a decorating trendsetting genius.......well, I am if you look at it right.
You too can be a decorating trendsetter without buying anything or even leaving your house. Bear with me, keep an open mind and you too will soon be a trendsetter.....it's all about attitude and perspective.

Pink Is In! 


LOOK!  I have a pink pillow and what’s that peaking out……pink roses!  Pink is in…..check!

Black Is Back! 

Uh huh, I’m good!  Black vanity island, black hardware, black fixtures, black scale, black candle holders.  Black is back……CHECK!

Paisley Power!

Hey, once again a pillow has saved my life.  It’s weird how that is a reoccurring theme in my decorating life.  Paisley……check!

Gold Is Golden

OK, I admit I didn’t have to look all that hard to find this one.  But hey everyone has to have a hobby, mine happens to be gawdy ornate gold thingys.  Gold decor………SUPERSIZED CHECK!

Vintage Glamour


So what if glamour is in the eye of the beholder, if you consider it glamorous then it is! I’m taking this crown anyway.  Vintage Glamour…..check.

Who knew being a trendsetter was so damn easy? Now…..if I can only convince some fashion expert out there that Crocs are the latest thing in super trendy shoe wear, I can finish the year as a total trendsetting Diva.

Happy Trendsetting!

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    Vintage 8 Decor

    November 5, 2015

    Well, I have two of them … the gold and the black. Will need to work on the others. Heck, I have a ton to work on who am I kidding?!

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