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I consider myself a Pinterest Inspiration Research Specialist Level 5 Grand Master. But what am I looking for?  Well, I’m looking for that spark of inspiration that will give me an idea that will lead to Decorating Perfection.  I have a method that works for me and may help you in your next room make over.  For purposes of this thread, lets pretend we’re working on my bathroom.

1. First set up a Secret Board, that way your friends won’t send you endless pins featuring toilets in order to be supportive. Mine is called, “A Throne room for a Diva”.

2. Then, take your time, fill the board with anything that you love. Search for bathrooms, bathroom storage, bathroom makeovers, french country bathrooms (if that’s your style), tiny bathrooms….you get the idea. Look at details in the pic, because while the bathroom itself isn’t your style, there might be an element that would work for you! 

Pic from Oprah.com

This is a beautiful example of the Industrial Style….it’s not me, but its gorgeous.  What grabbed my attention was the fact that the exposed plumbing didn’t bother me.  Also, I love the two mirrors/three hanging lights! 

Pic found US6campaign

I was attracted to the shiplap, the white, clean fresh look with touches of stained wood, and those unframed mirrors! 

Creative storage ideas!!!!  A must for small cookie cutter home bathroom makeovers.  It has to function, everything needs a dual purpose…….beauty and gainful employment. 


Pic found on Lovelyclusters.blogspot.com
By now you know about my love of mirrors, AND can you think of a better weight loss plan than that of a mirror over the tub????
3. Once you have a few pictures, look at what is similar.  Out of 20 pictures does 15 of them feature white walls?  Or vintage furniture in place of built-ins? The bathroom is taking shape at this point.  You should be able to visualize what you want. 
Pics from L – R, the first two I could not find the sites, the last Shelterness.com
I like the ideas of a built-in valance over the tub, a tub surround is definitely a consideration since I can’t afford the claw foot tub or my dreams, and check out the open shelves over the toilet.  Everyone needs reading material organization in the bathroom! You might have to tweak the ideas you find to suit your needs, style and budget but that’s the fun part. 
4. Then the hardest part. Digging in deep to find the patience to find the elements you need to start your project.  I have a list, but this might take a while because my bathroom makeover budget every month is slightly less than my monthly water bill and I need time to junk for them.  Also, I have to be realistic about the size of my space. Budget and space alone will take me several weeks to reach a reluctant acceptance of my reality. I will have to do this one in small steps spread over several months.  Take a look at some of the pictures I am using for my inspiration and see if you can visualize my bathroom makeover. 

Now, not all of these elements will make the final cut, but I’ll be working on designs for my bathroom that include them for now along with prices for lumber and materials. While I can’t afford everything I would love to install, I can change the look of built-ins with some trim, hardware and creativity to resemble a vintage China Hutch or a dresser for the sink.  Wish me luck!!! 
Do you have secret boards?  What do you put in them?
Happy Makeovers!

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