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Identity Crisis

December 11, 2015 3 Comments

I recently discovered that I’m weird…… I categorize my friends.  I’ve always known that I was an organizational freak, but to organize your friends into categories???  Yah……turns out that my personality is more twisted than even my sisters knew. And, they think they know everything.
I have junker friends, greenie friends, frugal friends, self sustainable lifestyle friends, garden friends, and family friends. But something happened recently that lead to the discovery that I had isolated my friends into weird little close-bordered countries surrounded by rabid guard dogs with bad breath.


I’m facing yet another pay-cut beginning in January so I am preparing to batten down the hatches on my personal budget.  In preparation I had called one of my “frugal” friends to get her laundry tips to see if I had any wiggle room. Turns out we have very similar methods and she really loves coupons. She gave me a dissertation about coupons that was so long I voluntarily fell asleep.  Just Kidding!  BUT, it was lengthy.

Once I woke from my coupon coma I was confused.  How could her methods be similar to mine, mine were based on my environmentally friendly lifestyle and not a frugal lifestyle.

My frugal friends and I discuss stuff like Cable vs Netflix, budget binders and fun stuff like that, not Laundry soap. I never knew I could cross reference my interests amongst my friends!

So, I decided to investigate a little further.  What I found is that I am an idiot! My “self-sustainable back to a simpler lifestyle” friends do a lot of the same things, but for different reasons.  It never occurred to me that my friends might have more in common with each other than just the fact that they each knew me. It’s a bold new world!!!

So my friends and I are going to get together, we’re going to form this very cool secret society of Divas on a mission. Consider us your Google search for all things Sustainable Eco-Frugal Decorating Lifestylish. We’re going to help each other find the hidden money in our current lifestyles and drag you along.

My job is to take these tips and make them as stylish as possible, because while I’m okay with trimming my budget, I still want to look good and live well while I’m doing it!  I have a Faded Bluebird Lifestyle to maintain on that dime!

Thank Goodness that being Frugal with a capitol F includes my Junkin friends, or I might possibly end up more weird than ever……and as I said, turns out that’s saying something!

But, I’m still going to keep my Family friends isolated away from my other friends…….those people take weird to a whole new dimension and I don’t want my other friends catching their Cooties.

Happy Junkin, Frugal Seeking, Self Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Living!


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    Chris Ward

    December 17, 2015

    I will keep you both in mind if I decide to turn "pro" lol. Right now I'm really busy trying to stay sane!

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    Jennifer Cinocco

    December 12, 2015

    Interesting blog. I didn't realize it until you talked about, I too have put my friends into different catorgories. Time to explore where there is crossovers.
    If you do decide to become a professional organizer, I'm next in line..

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    December 11, 2015

    Great story, sorry you are getting a pay cut, that should not happen. Maybe you should supplement your income and become a professional organizer. I could really use you.

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