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In A Pickle?

· 10 Uses For Pickle Juice ·

March 20, 2016 0 Comments

Some people might call me weird.....I prefer Frugalista

We are a pickle eating family, gherkins are more popular than popcorn around here.  My biggest worry right now is what kind of mess I’m going to find when coming out of the bathroom knowing the 3 year old has once again raided the fridge for pickles.  My only defense was to teach her to fish for them using a fork. Hey!  If you can’t beat them, teach them to be neater about it!

Being a Frugalista, I had to find uses for that totally fabulous tasty and free juice. Some of these tips are mine, some found by accident and some passed on by friends.  Give them a try! This is another tip from my Big Green Cookbook.

Have You Tried??!!!?

  • Make new fridge pickles by adding pickle cucumbers to the juice or sliced cucumbers.
  • Put it in homemade Potato Salad Mash
  • Brine a chicken or FISH in the juice
  • Add it to a bread recipe
  • Soak sliced onions in the juice overnight and then add them to turkey sandwiches
  • Mix 2 T. of juice with 1 c. of BBQ sauce to intensify the flavor and use on your favorite BBQ Chicken recipe
  • Add the juice to cream cheese to make a cool veggie dip
  • Add it to egg yolks for deviled eggs
  • Mix 1 c. juice, 1/2 c. olive oil, 1 T. minced garlic & 1/4 c. fresh parsley in a bag as marinade for grilling
  • Add it to the compost

Are you impressed that I could come up with 10 uses for pickle juice?  Did I forget any?  If you have another use, please leave a comment and SHARE!

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