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Inspiration Is Knocking…..Are You Home?

December 29, 2016 2 Comments

When I began Faded Bluebird, it was to sell some of my upcycled junk projects. But it quickly evolved into a blog of decorating with pennies, and living stylishly frugal.  And although I know there are 100’s of thousands of blogs like mine, I wanted to focus on inspiration.  Not on my style as much as inspiring, motivating and encouraging you to find yours. I do that by showing you what I’m able to do, but I also wanted to inspire you to haunt garage sales and thrift stores for opportunities, motivate you to explore your own talents, and encourage you to give it a go.   I hoped to demonstrate that decorating and having a happy lifestyle doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, because that’s what my budget consists of….not a lot of money, and it shrinks every year.

When Inspiration Knocks

Inspiration can be found anywhere.  In magazines, stores, t.v. shows, blogs, Pinterest, and with your friends & family.  You just have to be aware that it is inspiration!  It’s not jealousy, envy or unattainable dreams……it’s inspiration!  Ok, yeah…….it could be considered jealousy and envy, but decide you’re on a higher road and call it inspiration instead!  It’s that little voice inside you that starts speaking when your drool-o- meter alarm goes off that says, “HEY!  I want that!”.


You need to train that voice to say instead, “Hey!  I can do this!” or learn this, or achieve this.  You can have the lifestyle you want!  It might be scaled down, but you can do it!  For now, let’s focus on decorating.  Whatever your dream style is, whatever your passions are, you can pull it together!  You might love the Farmhouse style, but have an obsession with collecting Mid Century Lucite chairs……well why not?  And it would be you!   You don’t need to buy someone’s entire line of furniture and home decor to have the Farmhouse look, besides that’s just their idea of that style. Nor do you need to go to big chain stores and buy all the latest fads in home decor every year. Because then, it’s not your home anymore, it’s theirs and you might as well slap their name or logo on your mailbox. Besides, unless you’re rich, (and if you are…I’m available for adoption!) who can afford that?

If You Can Dream It….

What I do isn’t that special, hence the 100’s of thousands of blogs out there!  Everyone can add their own flair by tweaking thrift store or junkin finds. To prove my point,  I asked some Faded Bluebird followers to send me pictures of their homes.  They are each junkers with their own style, but look how it gets pulled together beautifully. Just take a peek, and let them convince you, their pictures are worth a thousand of my words.  Hint; inspiration is fixin’ to knock!

inspiration knocks

Katie Owens

Don’t you just LOVE sneaking peeks inside other people’s homes!!??!!!  I can’t show off all the pictures that I received, but WOW!  Y’all have skills! And I found inspirational ideas in each of these pictures. Ideas I’m going to steal and tweak for my home. Because another element of the Faded Bluebird lifestyle is that it continues to evolve.  I can afford to do that by junkin and selling my old decor. With a little creativity and the willingness to explore your own talent potential, imagine what you can do.

inspiration knocks

Raynita Lee

If I’m the first person to tell you that you can do this, well….you need new people! I’m kidding! But, if it’s your own voice you hear telling you that you can’t…….you should definitely pink slip your inner voice and start interviewing for another one….today! Better than anyone else on the planet, we each know what we like, but sometimes, we’re also the last to know what we’re capable of doing.  You just have to start believing you can achieve whatever it is that you want!

Are You Home?

You don’t need me or anyone telling you how to decorate your home.   But I hope when you visit the blog, you come away with a new way of looking at the stuff you already have, some fresh inspiration to change it up, or the motivation to go out and junk your way into the perfect home setting.

inspiration knocks

Stacey Farris Schoelen

However, I’ve got to warn you, decorating my way, is all about patience.  Waiting to find the pieces you want, at prices you can afford.  It’s about seeing things a little differently, keeping an open mind if another idea comes your way.  Slamming your brakes with glee when you see a gorgeous chair on the curb, even if the fabric is a mess. It’s about seeing it for what it can be, not what it is.  But for what you need or want it to be. The Faded Bluebird way is about projects and sometimes learning new skills to get what you want.  But you can do it!  I have total faith in you!

inspiration knocks

Shelly Dickson Thompson

I want to thank everyone who sent me photos and allowed us entry into your homes to prove my point.  Beautiful home decor is in the eye of the beholder, and since you live there, you behold more than anyone else and you need to love it.

And if you don’t have faith in yourself yet, I’m right here…your own personal cheering section.  Just waiting for the opportunity to tell you again, to let inspiration be your guide.  Because when inspiration knocks and you answer it, your home will reflect your family’s style, not the total immersion of someone else’s’!  Because in the end, there’s no place like your home.

Happy 2017!




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    Lamora Coons

    January 3, 2017

    I sometimes think I am in the place where I can’t afford my style or that I shouldn’t decorate because I am renting, but this has truly inspired me to start. We are moving to a new apartment this month. I am excited to start actually decorating. 🙂

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      January 4, 2017

      I’m so glad! Good luck with your new apartment!

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