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Junk Hunt – It’s A Heart Connection

August 26, 2015 0 Comments

I read an old post yesterday from a popular blogger who was decorating her guest room.  I love her style, but she said something in that post that made me think.  She said that as her business took off and she made more money, she found that she was buying her decor retail more for convenience than anything else. I get it, I do.  Her business took off and she had less time to go and work with her finds on a junk hunt, but……I couldn’t do it. It’s about the junk hunt!

It’s About The Junk Hunt

junk hunt

 For me, it’s about the satisfaction that I get from finding that perfect thing.  Then bringing it home and using it in a room that is uniquely me. The bed skirt that was a crochet tablecloth, vintage quilts and pillow cases that I found on a junk hunt at garage sales.

I can’t imagine being able to pay retail for the chandelier I won at a Junk Swap! And, I don’t understand people who buy everything at places like T J Maxx, Hobby Lobby and At Home, I just can’t relate.  I don’t judge them, I just don’t understand them.   Of course, I buy some things retail, but it’s usually because I couldn’t find it junkin or the thought of used just turned me off……like mattresses.

Personalized Style

I love the fact that there isn’t another headboard exactly like mine out there. We built it using recycled materials and junk I found, like the corbels.  The sconces, mirror, and frames were also junked for.  I just don’t think I would love it as much if I bought on an aisle stocked with 20 duplicates.   Each piece reminds me of the friends that were with me when I found them.  And the time I spent with my son building it.  Or the hours my friends spent laughing over my indecision about paint color, only to go white. Memories.

 Final Thoughts

Yeah, so maybe the Hunt is where the fun is.  But the memories that attach themselves to the junk is where my heart is.  You can’t find that via retail.  But, that’s not to say I wouldn’t appreciate the opportunity to find out how much junk I could find as a  well-known Junker with a full-time staff and a big budget!

But for now, I’m stuck with an enthusiastic staff of one. What do you think retail or junk?

Happy Junkin!

– Chris

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