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#5 Junkin – Make It Magazine Worthy

January 8, 2018 0 Comments

Honestly, this shouldn’t surprise you at all! What actually surprised me is that this made it so far down my list.  My junkin abilities have turned my home into a one of a kind.  Decor that isn’t mass produced, it’s personal.  Hunted down, negotiated, tweaked, preened and placed.

I’m hoping that by now I don’t have to convince you that junkin is where it’s at for decorating your home, but if I’m wrong, give me this opportunity to bend your ears!

Exhibit A – Junkin Rules!

junkin for decor

This is the bench in my home office.  Everything you see down to the hand embroidered tablecloth used to cover the cushion was junked!  The pillows, books, bench, table, even the grandfather clock in the corner.  One piece at a time, different locations, different months, but it all came together!  Need another example?

junkin for decor

My bed is one of my favorite places in my home.  I love being a lazy lounge lizardess.  And it makes me even happier to know that practically everything was junked.  I admit that I get the hebbie jebbies thinking about used bed pillows and mattresses, so those are new.  But, the pillowcases, blankets, duvets, clocks, mirrors, frames, milk glass……. all junked!  One more example from my home and we’ll move on.

junkin for decor

You have to admit, I’m nothing if not spontaneously consistent! With the exception of the floral and pumpkins, what you see is junked decor. Even my Russian Hound, Boris.  Junkin allows me to find and afford the decor I want.  It allows my creativity to shine.  Plus, on the flip side, the things that I sell allow me to buy other things!

Hit The Junkin Trail

If you’ve never stopped at a garage sale, estate sale, flea market, junk mall or antique store, YOU’RE BEYOND MY UNDERSTANDING!  I’m kidding! Well, not really.  I don’t understand people who have never been to at least one of those place.  But if you are unaware of the awesomeness that’s out there, let me educate you.

junkin for decor

I spend lunch hours junkin. Weekends, after work, whenever I feel the need. Whether I’m looking for something or just need some inspiration, junkin is where I find it.  Oh, and curbing….don’t get me started.

Final Thoughts

The point is if you want your home to be magazine worthy, the kind of magazine you’d read and covet, get to junkin!  There isn’t a style known to man or your imagination that can’t be fulfilled with a junkin road trip.  And if you’re in central Oklahoma, you might even bump into me!

Happy Decorating!


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