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Night Owl vs Early Bird Junkers….

January 12, 2016 2 Comments


As a Junker and a gardener, I’m a natural early bird.  Although you can go junkin any time, I am a firm believer that for flea markets and garage sales, the earlier you go, the better. So, it confused me when a friend of mine asked to go junkin with me and she’s definitely NOT an early bird.  She’s a card carrying night owl….I’m not even sure she’s ever seen a sunrise.  She’s a junker too, but she pours over Craigslist and Facebook Garage Sale pages at 2 am with the rest of her breed.  I explained to her very gently that early bird junkin would require her to be up and ready to go at 6, that’s AM….as in Morning.  She agreed and we made plans.

I have a theory that everyone falls into one of these categories; Early Birds, Afternoon Thoroughbreds, Night Owls and Turtle Time.  Turtle time is what I call those people who’s energy levels seem almost non-existent.  You know….. they move, but you never quite catch them doing it.  Making plans with someone from another personal time zone can be iffy at best and disastrous at its worst.   So,  I’m going to share what I learned to help you deal with friends suffering from displaced time travel.

Don’t expect Happy! 

I don’t care if you roll up in a limo driven by Chris Hemsworth wearing his Thor costume….it just isn’t gonna happen.

Lower your expectations

If they’re dressed, count that as a win.  Learn to ignore some bad grooming results and an ugly disposition.

Be patient

They are going to make lots of weird statements like, “Who the hell gets up this early?” DON’T respond, as a matter of fact, don’t make eye contact this early in the game!  Just smile and nod…..I take that back.  Just nod, smiling seems to set them off about how they hate happy morning people.

Bring Coffee

And something dripping in sugar……lot’s of sugar!

Have the ability to multitask

You might be required to knock with your elbows, ring the doorbell with your nose while you’re sending texts, Facebook PM’s and calling.  Oh, and resist the urge to leave voice mails.  Screaming, “wake up” to their voice mail doesn’t work like it did when people had answering machines.

Bring your sense of humor

Trust me, you’re gonna need it. Dig Deep.

Resist the urge to check for fangs

This one was the hardest for me.

Don’t Rest on your Laurels….she’ll probably steal them

While I was basking in the early morning sunshine of my new found tolerance for grumpy night owls, that witch swept in and stole a chandelier right out from under my nose!  Her grumpiness disappeared like magic and we pressed on. By 11 am she had adjusted nicely, of course by that time our junkin adventure was coming to an end. One last important lesson I want to impart, if you are an early bird taking a night owl out on your first junkin adventure, please remember……night owls are predators!  Keep your eye on the junk or you going to loose out to that bird of prey.

If you have a friend that is crossing multiple personal time zones to hang with you, give her a break……and a Snickers.  Oh, and remind her that the snooze button is not her friend.  Raise and shine buttercup, AND GIVE BACK THAT CHANDELIER!

Did I forget any important safety tips?

Happy Junkin!





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    January 12, 2016

    Ha im so not ever a morning person. I completely agree if i hve made an effort to get up early never expect ill be happy or cheery or awake in any form! I do garage sale but im the second tornado that hits the sales. I need a good church sale to hit tons of things and lotsa room to paroose. If i have hd no luck at three gs then ill just move to thrift stores 😉 theres never a good time of day to hit them stuff comes out randomly! Espically if they have a rotation of new employees constantly. But i digress. So to summerize im not a morning person and i dont wake til about noon then im on a mission haha.

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      January 12, 2016

      I LOVE the mornings! I start to drag around noon and if I get a nap, I’m up and moving again! I find that I’m most productive in the mornings and late evenings when everyone has gone to bed. So for me, I get the grumpy throw that chick a snickers around 2 pm!

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