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Are You Organized Or Clutterblind? Take The Quiz!

April 9, 2017 2 Comments

When I’m bored, I take those quizzes.  You know the ones that ask, “Which Walking Dead Character Are You?”  I swear, even when I lie, they nail me. I think my Mama pre-sets the results.  But anyway, I thought it would be fun to give you a quiz!  Are you organized? Don’t know?  Then take this 14 question “are you organized quiz!” Don’t look at this as a pass/fail, but as an opportunity for 10 minutes of personal growth. Or you can do what I do when I don’t like the results of a quiz….roll your eyes and mutter.

Are You Organized Quiz

organized quiz

Are you ready?  Do you need to go grab a snack or drink? Maybe psych yourself up a little? Just let me know when you’re ready and we’ll get started.  Now?  Great!  Let’s go. WAIT!  You’ll need a pencil and paper to take the organized quiz.

1. Did it take you more than 10 minutes to find a pencil and paper in order to take this organized quiz?

2.  Do you frequently misplace: your keys, glasses, wallet, spouse or children?

3.  Have you ever had to pay a late payment fee from a; bank, utility, credit card or loan company?

4.  Within the last 2 months have you missed an important event such as; a missed soccer practice, or forgot your best friend’s birthday until you logged onto Facebook.  Have you ever missed your turn to bring snacks to school?

5.  Does your dining room resemble a thrift store?

6.  Do you frequently put off a cleaning task so long that you hyperventilate when your Mama tells you she’ll be there in 20 minutes?

7.  Does it take more than one trip to the grocery store to prepare 6 meals? (cereal doesn’t count as a meal).

organized quiz

Part Two

 If you need to take a quick break, now is the time, because there are more humiliating questions coming right up.

8.  Is your front door area a safety hazard due to shoes, backpacks or sports equipment?

9. Would your storage problems be solved if you had a key code to a 24-hour secure facility?

10. Do you want to get organized, but you don’t know where to start or you’re waiting for me to me to respond to the 911?

11. Does each family member have age appropriate scheduled household tasks?

12.  On an average day, do you complete at least 75% of your intended tasks?

13.  Can your family members get dressed in the morning without a visit to the laundry room, or by digging through the clean laundry basket?

14. Can your kids get an after school snack without a quick stop first?

The Results

That’s it!  You can breathe. Now for your score. You get one point for every YES for questions 1 -10, and one point for every NO to questions 11-14.

If your score was:

1-3 You’re a Rock Star! Your awesomeness should be shared.  Why don’t you have your own HGTV show?

4-7  You’re slightly disorganized.  Maybe your Mama should visit more often to panic you straight?

8-10 Ok, your husband and kids need to go to boot camp.  You need some help!  There’s no time like the present, Mother’s Day is coming up, guilt them into it!

11-14 Chaos reigns at your house.  Should I schedule an intervention for your clutter blindness?  I’m kidding! Hey!  Some people love living under pressure.  But if it’s getting to you, may I suggest you start organizing immediately.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed the “Are You Organized Quiz”!  No matter what your score, you may enjoy reading some of my organizational posts like, Organization – Why We Had To Up Our Game or Organization Saves Your Money. You can also search my tags for Organization for even more posts.

Leave me a comment and tell me your score!  I can’t wait to see the results.

Happy Quizzing!



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    April 9, 2017

    I’m sending you a 911

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      April 12, 2017

      I’m on it!! LOL!

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