Faded Bluebird

Projects are the backbone of my decorating. I’ve learned to use power tools, paint, stain and some light upholstery.  I’ve also learned how to rewire a lamp and put bits and pieces together to make something unique.  If I can do it, you can too! Check out some of my favorite projects; my hope is that you find some inspiration to start your project list!

Kitchen Sink Light

vintage lighting hacks

This was one of those globe hanging lights.  I took off the globe and hung it in a tree in my garden, spray painted the fixture and rewired it using a pendant kit.  Using some crystals I found junkin, and I have a light that cost me $10 that sells for $100.


chandelier project


This chandelier started out life in gold which didn’t fit my kitchen. A little spray paint and some antiquing glaze and she’s perfect for me. Just wait until I can afford some crystals…..ahhhh.

Lighting Projects


curbside finds - bookcase

This old TV armoire was found curbside.  It was a nothing special large wooden box.  I added some beadboard to the back, a sturdy wooden shelf, some trim, and paint.


curbside finds - chalkboard

Another curbside find.  It just screamed chalkboard to me!  We only cut some plywood to fit, spray painted chalkboard paint ( 3 coats follow directions) seasoned it and attached it to the newly painted frame.

Corner Shelves

corner shelves

Corner shelves are an easy project to add more attractive storage to your kitchen!  I now have my breakfast settings in one accessible area near the table and more space in my cabinets!

Removing Veneer

Never be afraid of a piece of bad veneer, it’s easy to remove.  You need an old towel, a steam iron, and a metal scraper. Set a slightly damp towel on top of the torn veneer.  Set your iron on steam and place it on one section of the towel for a few seconds. You may need to do this a couple of times, then scrape the veneer off.  Keep moving the iron to different areas until it is all lifted.  Then gently sand and paint or restain.

removing veneer

Grandfather Clock

I love clocks, and I already had 2 Grandfather Clocks, but I had this idea. I wanted to use a Grandfather clock as a display case for my alarm clock collection, but I just couldn’t do it to one of my existing Grandfathers.  Then like magic, a friend asked me if I wanted her case.  It was just the case, but I jumped all over it!

This was a fun project!!  First, I mounted the base onto a small footstool to give it some legs; then I had to find a clock face.  An old school clock found at a thrift store fit the bill.  I had to remove the clock face, insert a new battery system and mount it on the grandfather clock base.  Some detail pieces, shelves, paint and here she is!

BTW – the school clock was unrepairable, or I wouldn’t have been able to use it.  I’m weird like that.

Picket Sign

Have you ever had something left over from another project that you just couldn’t throw away cause it was kinda cool?  I had one of these pickets left over and decided to make a sign.  What do you think?

BEST (1)


Paper Towel Holder

I’m not a fan of paper towels.  But I do have a roll of cloth towels that a talented friend made for me that can be used and stored like paper towels, so I needed a holder.  My kitchen is a mixture of French Country Farmhouse Glam, and I needed something a little better than a piece of plastic under the cabinet thing.  So I came up with this.  The paper towel holder is made up of three parts; the base is a lamp base, the middle section is a chair stretcher, and the platform and topper were a small candy dish I took apart and separated.  This style suits my kitchen perfectly!

French Cast Iron Rooster Knock- Offs

I wanted a French Cast Iron Rooster that I saw on Pinterest, but retail was over $200.  Ouch!  Now an idea was floating around in my head.   Several weeks later, this pair was at a Junk Swap I attended!  I wanted to give it that old cast iron look, so I used chalkboard paint and dry brushed it with a white wax that I mixed using Johnson’s Furniture wax and some white latex paint.



Ikea Knock Off Easter Plates

I think I might have mentioned a few hundred times that I’m a Diva on a budget tighter than my high school jeans.  So when I saw these plates, I just had to have them, but I couldn’t just plop that kind of money down on plates I would use just once a year.  I came up with a plan………..

Total Cost around $6 with paper and ink included.


I found an image that I just fell in love with, and then as luck would have it, I found some glass plates at Salvation Army for $4. Using Mod-Podge, I glued the image to THE BACK of the plate and added two coats of spray paint following directions for drying time between coats.  Add two coats of sealer and done!  There you have it, gorgeousness for Easter!  A set of 8 Easter plates for $6!  PS – To be on the safe side, I hand wash them and don’t send them through the dishwasher.

Office Bulletin Board

Originally I bought this Mirror to put in my garden, but it was too big and cumbersome to hang on my fence….so I tried to sell it.  I tried to sell it for two months with no takers; I’m talking crickets here.  Then one day it occurred to me when a friend advertised that she had a huge stock of fence pickets…..why not make it into a bulletin board for my office.  I completed this project in two hours. And as soon as I posted it on Facebook those crickets started to SING! But it was too late; I’m keeping it now!

Total Cost $15 for the mirror. Pickets were free, and I had the paint already.


How Faded Bluebird Began

My very first blog post contained my very first project and coincidentally where I got the name Faded Bluebird.  You can read the short story HERE. This project just fell into my lap as I found both pieces on the same day.

Total cost $9.

Faded Bluebird

Upholstery Projects

OMG!  Upholstery projects give me fits! They are NOT my forte, but have you priced having something reupholstered lately??  WOW.  And since my husband refuses to let me sell one of his kidneys on the black market, I had to dive into this reluctantly.  I am getting better with each project, and the best piece of advice I can give you is to get the proper tools……i.e a pneumatic staple gun!  Check out All Things Thrifty for a tool list and some awesome advice on upholstery projects.

Smith & Sons

A friend gave me this chair as a Birthday present.  I loved it, isn’t it gorgeous!  But, as you can see it needed some help.  This was my second chair upholstery project, and oh boy do I need to redo it, but it still makes me smile….so for now, she struts it, warts and all.

Total Cost $20 for gold paint and material.



I bought this chair for $15 as is, and it was a great buy! The first thing I did was test out paint colors, I decided on a very elegant gray. I couldn’t bring myself to paint the cane back in the same color, so I went gold!  I love the look, and in the end, that’s what matters. Total Cost $18 as I just bought two small bottles of acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby (with the 40% off coupon!) and I already had the material.



Total Cost $16.50 including matching pillows.  The footstool was $10, and  I bought eight down pillow forms at a Salvation Army sale for $10, the material at the upholstery scrap pile at Hancocks for $4.

More Upholstery Projects

Total Cost – First Chair $10.  I received the chair at a Junk Swap, I exchanged a piece of furniture for the upholstery job and paid $10 to have the cushion made by another friend.  FRIENDS ROCK!

Second Chair $40.  I bought a set of two of these chairs at a favorite antique haunt, they were more than I would usually pay for them, but I really, really wanted them.  The material I already had as well as the paint.

Third Chair $50.  Believe it or not, this isn’t the most expensive chair that I have, but I still suffered some sticker shock.  And it come with my choice of upholstery fabric, so, all in all, I was happy.

I just couldn’t pass up this chair; it came with a history!  Who could pass up a chair that witnessed a judge, a hooker and an unexpected visit from the wife in the 1920’s?  No, I don’t believe the story, but he sold me on it anyway, it was the twinkle in his eye that did it.