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Spring Cleaning Like The Pros Do

February 23, 2017 0 Comments

You know how you can meet someone that just gets you immediately?   That was what happened when I met Amy, owner of 2 Green Chicks a green cleaning and organizing company in my home town. Green cleaning AND organizing….two of my favorite subjects!!! We met at an Earth Day Festival that I help to coordinate, so it was kinda a given that we had things in common.  But when you can gab for 2 hours non-stop, you know you’ve met your next girl crush soul mate. So Amy immediately came to mind when I decided to write a post about spring cleaning.  I mean who better to ask than a pro!

The 411 about 2 Green Chicks

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To keep this short, I’ll leave out the parts of our conversation like, “are you going to eat that”, and “so, how cute was the plumber?”.  I will also decode our “girl talk” so y’all will understand.

Here’s some background on Amy.  She began green cleaning after she had her son.  Concerns about the air quality in her home that could affect their lungs and having contact with chemical cleaners that could affect their skin, all led her to do some research.  She decided green cleaning was the way to go to provide a healthy home environment for her family and that led her to share that same peace of mind with the people in her community.

As you know, I make my own Green Cleaning products, and in her business and home, she uses commercial products like Red Juice and Blue Juice which can be found at The Clean Team, but we also discussed products that she recommends that can be found locally.  Over the years, she’s built her business up to cover 8 towns and cities in Oklahoma. The girl has knowledgeable skills!

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The Nitty Gritty

I’ve kept you waiting long enough, here are her pearls of wisdom about Spring Cleaning.

  • Start at the top and work your way down, ceilings, walls, and fan blades.
  • Clean your window seals first then the window, then the sill.
  • Use cotton cloths or newspaper on glass for a streak free shine.
  • Don’t forget the nooks & crannies – tops of door frames, baseboards, door knobs, switch plates and air vents.
  • Use old toothbrushes around drains, the base’s of sinks and stovetops to remove buildup.
  • Clean your floors last
  • Always mop or vacuum your way out of a room
  • You don’t need a ton of different cleaners

Spring Cleaning the Green Way

And she has a list of do’s and don’ts for products that are easy to find at your local stores! You will find my affiliate links to buy these products in bulk.

Amy and I both love Spring Cleaning.  It’s a busy time of year for her and I’m just one of those people who love to clean and organize stuff.  Before we wrapped up our lunch interview, I had this last question.  “Amy, what’s the one thing in your experience that people forget to clean the most?” Now, I’m expecting her to say something like baseboards or their toothbrush holder, but she immediately came back with, “their pet’s bowls”. Oh. So, there you have it.  When you spring clean this year, don’t forget to clean for your fur babies!

-Happy Cleaning


2 Green Chicks covers; Moore, Norman, Noble, Purcell, Tuttle, Blanchard, Newcastle and parts of OKC in Oklahoma.  Amy will be giving away a FREE 2-hour cleaning ($148) value on my Facebook page beginning today!

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