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Thanksgiving Leftover Love

· When you can't face another sandwich ·

November 22, 2016 0 Comments

Thanksgiving is over.  But now you have a problem. You made enough food for the hungry hoards, but two of them were on diets, one converted to veganism when your back was turned and two others stopped by your aunt-in-law’s only to be talked into staying for “just a bite or two”.  Results?  You have a massive ton of Thanksgiving leftovers, you’re not talking to your hungry guest hijacking aunt and you have a vegan sister you’re not sure you can relate to anymore.  But it’s the leftovers you’re really stewing about. What do you do when you can’t face endless days of sandwiches?  Well, you visit Faded Bluebird!

Thanksgiving Leftovers With Flair

I won’t keep you in suspense, I make foldovers with my Thanksgiving leftovers, they are really popular with the guys during football games, but I wanted to have a backup, so I went on the hunt.  And I found some jewels!

thanksgiving leftovers

Home Made Interest

Kat and Melinda at Home Made Interest has a winner with this Turkey Shephard’s Pie!  I love this simple, but mouth watering dish. Plus I really enjoy their blog! Sooo many yummies. They are on my fab favorites tab.

A Little More Flair

The easier the better, and Pillsbury has a delicious one, Cranberry Turkey Crescent Ring.

thanksgiving leftovers


The folks at Pillsbury have Thanksgiving leftovers down to a science.  I found over 10 recipes on their site.  Each as drool worthy as the next.  Click on the link under the picture to see all 10.

HomeMade Goodness

Beth at BudgetByte$ is a genius! Look at her Leftover Stuffin’ Muffins. Just mix it up, throw it into a muffin pan and eat.  The simplicity is inspiring.

thanksgiving leftovers


These muffins are something that I would actually serve at Thanksgiving and set out on a cupcake stand. Hmmm.  I still have time! I really like the idea of single serving stuffing.  The opportunity of fights breaking out over who hogged the stuffing would be greatly reduced. Maybe.

A Whole Lotta Leftover Love

What can I say, I don’t have time to reinvent the wheel so I’m leaving you with a great source for leftover love.  Carrie at Eating On A Dime has done all the hard work for us.  She has Over 50 Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes.  What more could you ask for?

thanksgiving leftovers

Eating On A Dime

I swear, if you can’t find it on Carrie’s blog, it probably hasn’t been conceived yet. Or it has….but no one wants to eat it!

Leftover Round Up

That’s it for me.  It’s a busy week of cooking, baking and decorating.  And I have to do all this with a housefull of people off work and out of school, so I’m anticipating that wine might be involved with my week.  Oh, one final thought! If you’re lucky enough to have guests who want to take home leftovers, consider something fun!

thanksgiving leftovers

Studio DIY

How fun is this!  And and if you visit Studio DIY they have some free printable pie box labels.  They even have instructions for making the box!  They are party DIY Divas!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Happy Leftovering!





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