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My definition of Frugal: the ability to live a stylishly sassy lifestyle by being creative, smart, economical and money savvy!
In other words, being frugal does not mean my family huddled around the fireplace while we share a plate of beans. I shop…….. it’s one of my favorite hobbies! But I tend to stick to thrifting and junking, I actually rarely go into large retail stores, because I prefer to buy things for my home that has character and a history longer than it’s journey into this country and onto a shelf somewhere. Also I teach Conservation methods and how to live green, so it would be kinda like cheating. Plus, for the rest of it, I tend to make my own if I can, like bottled water for instance.
But there are some instances when being frugal requires me to shop in…….DA DA DUMMMMMM, a retail store! Everything has a sale season and January is a big one. If you buy retail, now is the time to stock up on some of these items, I have provided you with a list, but……… I must warn you, I have put my personal snarky comments with this list. Read with caution.
In no particular order of snarkiness!
FURNITURE – I honestly believe you will find better deals at local thrift, junk and antique shops, Facebook Buy/Sell pages and Craigslist.
COLD & FLU REMEDIES – I’m not a big fan of store bought Cold remedies, but whatever you need to get you through, now’s the time to buy in bulk! Maybe rent a semi.
WINTER APPAREL – If you have never checked out a Thrift Store, give it a go first. But if you just can’t bring yourself to wear someone else’s clothing, then here’s your chance to save on winter clothing.
GYM MEMBERSHIPS/HEALTH & FITNESS – I bet you thought I was going to suggest that you get off your rear and walk instead, didn’t ya??? Well…okay, I thought it, but I’m also one of those people who does this kind of thing more often when encouraged by others in the same miserable boat. For some people, having a gym membership, (i.e trainer with attitude) will get them going. JUST DO IT!
LINENS – I love Linens, it is one of my soft spots. I prefer old linens, but I have a King Sized bed, so there you go! Although I always check thrift stores, I rarely find what I’m looking for, so you might run into me shopping for sheets, towels, blankets, duvet covers……..
CHRISTMAS STUFF – Enough said.
HOME ORGANIZATION – I actually love looking at the Home Organizational stuff and dreaming. But I usually go thrifting to see if I can find baskets, creative containers, glass jars, etc. But if this is what you need to get organized, I would encourage you to get them now.
SOUP/TEA/OATMEAL – January is National Soup, Tea and Oatmeal Month. Stock up! But, can I just say, homemade soups have WAY less salt and no preservatives in them. Yummier, tastier, healthier!
CALENDARS – I cannot function without at least one paper pocket calendar! I have a super cool cell phone that I swear could run my life from an underground bunker, but I tend to see the calendar notices, delete the calendar notices and forget my appointment 15 minutes later. It’s a Chris thing.
DIET FOODS – Do you really need me to be snarky here??? Yes? No?
That’s it, my list of things that go on sale in January. I’m sure it’s not a complete list, just keep your eyes open for those good deals and stock up on things that you KNOW you will use, wear or eat. You aren’t saving money by buying things on sale you have no use for! Until next time! Gotta go recharge my Snarky batteries!
Happy Shopping!
December 29, 2015
December 29, 2015

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