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Tropical Decorating – A Fresh New Look For Summer

May 4, 2017 2 Comments

You know how you can appreciate, even love a decorating style, but not want to live with it yourself?  Well, that’s how I feel about tropical decorating. It’s not for me, but I can totally get behind adding a couple of touches here and there for summer.  And a gold pineapple is right up my alley!

Would you like a fresh look for summer, try tropical decorating.  And I have some great ideas for adding tropical decor without getting a flashback to Elvis’ Jungle Room.

Tropical Decorating for Summer

Tropical Decorating – The Essentials

No offense to the King.  I was brought up on all things Elvis, but dude that room.  It is possible to have the jungle visit your home without needing a machete.  This summer you can add some jungle love to your home by just adding these touches.

Furniture:  Think natural.  Wood, bamboo, and Rattan are perfect for this style.  Whether you bring a single chair, side table or footstool adding a light wooden piece goes a long way.  And if you can find something like this pineapple table….BONUS!

Tropical decorating

Texture Roundup – Use natural fiber rugs, these rugs are so versatile I have several in my home to compliment the Faded Bluebird style. Cotton & canvas pillows with great designs and bamboo shades.  What about the possibility of using mosquito netting as curtain shears or as a bed canopy.

Color – To get a more elegant tropical decorating style, you need to keep it simple.  Choose background colors in neutral whites and sand with punches of soothing true greens and/or azure blues.  But if you’re all in, you want to add punches of bold colors like tangerines, lime green, lemon, pinks, and reds.

Tropical Decorating – The Accessories

Plants – If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry, I’m not asking you to require a bunch of tropical plants to commit suicide at your house.  But, I am asking you to consider adding some great bold plant prints!  These are painless and guilt free!  Whether you choose pillows, wall art or add an accent wall, nothing says tropical decorating style like palms.  BTW – you can replicate this accent wall by attaching a printed sheet to a quick homemade frame and hanging it on the wall.

Tropical Decorating

Source: Loko Loko

Final Touches – Ohh, this is where the fun comes in.  Scour the countryside looking for your tropical decorating touches; parrot statues, pineapples, monkeys, palm trees, sunbursts and the ever famous flamingo.

Final Thoughts

When you pull it all together, you can have a refreshing new look for summer without breaking the bank.  Don’t forget to check with thrift stores and garage sales.  I found some awesome material for pillows in the men’s aisle at Goodwill.  Someone’s old Hawaiian shirt will look great on my sofa.

tropical decorating

And if you just can’t get motivated to freshen up this summer, I have one more suggestion.  Get yourself a grass skirt, a coconut bra and a tall drink with a little umbrella in it.  It’s amazing how quickly this can change your attitude.

Viva Las Tropics Baby!




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    Michelle Nettles

    May 4, 2017

    LOVE your sense of humor!! Tropical isn’t for me either but I can appreciate it especially in a nice beach house on the beach with my toes in the sand……

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      May 4, 2017

      Aww, thanks!! Oh, I want a beach house too. Somewhere in South Carolina. Dreams, dreams.

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