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Uuuugggghhhh…Stop The Madness!

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November 9, 2015 0 Comments

Sometimes I junk with crazy people. Yes, even in a world where digging through other people’s trash is respected and encouraged, can have crazy people.  Take my friend Beth, (Side note: this isn’t her real name, well it could be her real name and I’m just saying that in some double backflip plot twist to throw you off……but I didn’t, it’s not her real name). Beth and I were junkin and she sees some amazing quilts that she just couldn’t stop drooling over, I mean she seriously wouldn’t shut up about them, so I asked her, are you going to get one? “No, quilts don’t fit my decor style” said the crazy junker. According to her and her HGTV sources, she shouldn’t put a quilt in her home if she wants to stay true to her style choice.

Decorate For Yourself

HUH?  I thought that was a well thought out intelligent response to her lunacy. Who says something you love won’t fit in YOUR home decor style, don’t you dictate what is and isn’t your style?  Ok, so your decor style is Industrial….does that mean that everything in it has to come from an abandoned warehouse in the meat packing district?


Untitled design

Picture Credits: Bedroom – digsdigs.com, Quilt – Nightingale Quilts

Geometric quilts would suit the Industrial style perfectly! But even if you wanted girly pink floral….WHY THE HELL NOT?  Other than a husband with masculinity issues… what’s there to stop you? This is what separates your Industrial Style home from everyone else’s!

 If your thing is MCM (Mid-Century Modern)  again I say…….Geometric quilts!

Untitled design (1)

Picture Credit: Bedroom – One Kind Design, Quilt – The Modern Quilt Guild

Even my own fru fru style that I prefer could be made more beautiful and unique with a quilt.


Of course some styles are easier to work with when it comes to obsessions like quilts.  The Vintage, Bohemian, Rustic, Farmhouse, County and even Industrial Farmhouse all just beg for vintage style quilts.

BEST (1)

Picture Credit: Top – Country Living, Bottom Left – V and Co., Bottom Right – Home Design Net

But if you LOVE quilts….again I say, what does it matter?  It’s your home, you live there.  I guarantee if you love it, it will work with what you have going on in your home.  Besides, I’m almost entirely certain that a broke down, lost and wondering band of hungry Southern Living photographers accompanied by their style editor aren’t going to ring your doorbell and ask for a photo session of your bedroom while they wait on a tow and a pizza.

Untitled design (2)


But if you are like my friend Beth and insist on sticking to the letter of the Industrial Style Law as dictated by one decorator in an article you read, or episode you saw while waiting in a doctor’s office, then I hope my suggestions help a little. Oh….I forgot to add this, if you try to precisely emulate a picture you saw, you too will end up a crazy junkin gal.  Use those pictures for inspiration not total emulation, that way you end up living in your home instead of a living museum of someone else’s.   As for me, I’m more of a Matelasse Lover and have no problems snapping up every one I can afford and leaving Beth to cry over the path to the register not taken!

Happy Junkin


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