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Wallpaper Work Out – A New Twist

May 25, 2017 0 Comments

Wallpaper has a special attraction for me.  I love looking at it, but I don’t want it slapped all over my walls.  Because I just can’t imagine being surrounded by that much print in my serene neutral oasis. Plus it’s expensive.

And then there are those three weeks wallpaper sucked out of my life.  After buying our house, we had to remove the forest green and dirty white stripped crapola the previous owners put on the walls of my new kitchen.  If my curse casting skills have any mojo, their future looks bleak.

I didn’t want to see it EVER again.  But, the odd attraction I had is creeping back.  While covering every square footage of your walls might not be for you, or for me, I do have some suggestions for a few touches of it here and there.   I promise you can still enjoy the beauty of wallpaper without the risk of getting a future curse placed on your family for generations.

The Wallpaper Twist

wallpaper ideas

Source: Bathroom – Studio McGee, Bedroom – Ellos, Bookcase –The Painted Room, Drawers – Crazy Wonderful

There are so many elegant prints out there now compared to mom’s day when that day glow orange fuzzy stuff was the rage.   But I still say I can only handle it contained in a small room such as the guest bathroom. Especially if it’s only a half wall like from Studio McGee!

Wallpaper prints have matured over the years, from the understated geometric to the bold tropical flowers. And if you fall in love with a paper but don’t want to commit for life, what about adding some subtlety.  Such as the sides of drawers, on stair risers, the wall behind bookcases and the inside doors of your china hutch.  But don’t forget the ceiling.  Could you get more subtle than that?

wallpaper ideas

Source: Stadshem

Although I believe this is hand painted, just think what a beautiful wallpaper would look like up there.  There’s no way I’m risking serious shoulder injury doing this one myself, but I’m sure a six-pack will buy me some labor from family or friends.

Ohhh. And then there’s this idea!

Slap A Frame Around It

I love this idea. Framing wallpaper makes a statement.  I can just imagine a row of frames in my front living room, especially if I can ever find some french wallpaper with blue birds!

Final Thoughts

So, what do you think?  Have I changed your mind about using wallpaper in your home?  Tell me about your wallpaper experiences, both good and bad!

Happy Papering!


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